The Official AllWriteAlright Ko-fi

Hello Writers! I’m very excited to announce that AllWriteAlright now has an official Ko-fi page!

If you want to show your support for what I do, Ko-fi allows you to make a single one-off donation, sign up for a membership for a small monthly donation, and even order commissions from me—all in one place! 

What is Ko-Fi?

If you’ve been using the site for any length of time, you might have noticed that I collect donations through a site called Ko-fi. Ko-fi allows creators to collect donations from supporters with no fees, so every bit of the donation goes to the creator instead of a third-party company. 

Well now, Ko-fi has had an exciting update that allows creators to structure monthly payments in tiers (much like Patreon, but… better.) In return for monthly donations, creators can offer exclusive rewards.

Ko-fi is safe, secure, and easy to navigate. It also allows creators to not only accept tips and donations, but they can also list physical items for sale, take commissions, crowdfund a project, and more all in the same place!

What Perks Do I Get for Pledging to AWA on Ko-fi?

As of right now, the AllWriteAlright Ko-fi has two tiers: a $3 tier and a $15 tier, but supporters can choose to pledge higher amounts if they wish.

To keep things simple, almost all the perks will be available to everyone who supports the $3 tier.

The exclusive benefit offered to those in the $15 tier is a personalized avatar. This avatar will be drawn by me, in the AllWriteAlright art style, and will appear in a special gallery on the site, as well as in future random articles.

Check out the membership tiers yourself, or read on to see a detailed description of each of the perks!

Exclusive Shoutout

From the moment you make your first pledge, your name (or alias, your choice) will be proudly displayed in the sidebar of the official AllWriteAlright website, right between the sections titled “Hi! I’m Jules!” and “Tags.”

All monthly Ko-fi supporters will appear here in alphabetical order, regardless of the amount of money pledged. If you stop supporting, then your name will be removed. 

Exclusive AMAs and Q&As

As a supporter on Ko-fi, you will be able to ask me all of your burning questions about writing, the website, art, blogging, or my life. Once a few questions have been accumulated, I’ll answer them in a long-form Q&A post.

Of course, I retain the right to ignore questions that are inappropriate.

Voting Rights

There are almost always 6 or more articles in progress at a given time. By being a supporter on Ko-fi, you can vote on which topics get priority!

You can also make suggestions for which topics should be prioritized next!

Random Doodles, Shower Thoughts, and Musings

Okay, so this section maybe isn’t as valuable as the other offerings, but if you ever wanted to see characters from shows and video games in the AllWriteAlright art style, or the random ideas I get involving writing, art, or the future of the site, then this is the place for that!

At the moment, most of these doodles are likely to be characters from Genshin Impact, Steven Universe, She-Ra and the Princesses of Power, Avatar: the Last Airbender, Legend of Zelda, and potentially other cartoons or games. (Realistically, it’ll probably mostly be Genshin for a while… Haha…)

These kinds of posts will be random and entirely dependent on my personal whims. 

My Eternal Gratitude

This “perk” made the list mostly as a joke, but it’s true!

I really value every single one of my readers; you all make this site possible. Even if you can’t spare any money to help support the site, your readership and continued encouragement make it so much more exciting to continue to write this little resource. 

If you are a supporter on Ko-fi, however, you’ll not only be able to comment on posts, you’ll also be able to DM me.

If you have ideas for future Ko-fi benefits, you can also make recommendations!

The Personalized Avatar

The personalized avatar is the only perk that is not available in the $3 tier. In order to get this perk, you need to pledge in the $15 tier. 

I’m very excited about this particular perk, and I hope you are too! As mentioned above, this perk will allow you to have a site avatar, much like the one I have that can be seen in the sidebar, the logo, the “about me” page, the top of this article, and a few other places on the site.

Where Can this Avatar be Seen on the Site?

This avatar will be posted in a special gallery on the AllWriteAlright website, where it will stay forever—even if you stop supporting the Ko-fi (unless you reach out to me to request its removal). 

Your avatar will also be posted in either an upcoming article, or an existing article of your choice (with some limitations). Additionally, your avatar may make random appearances in new articles for as long as you are supporting the $15 tier. 

Given the nature of the site, some articles may be about sensitive topics. I will always reach out to you before using your avatar in an article, so you can tell me in advance if you aren’t comfortable with appearing in that article. 

Designing the Avatar

Your avatar can look like you, your persona, a character of yours, or it can be designed exclusively for you based on your favorite aesthetics!

You can describe what you want your avatar to look like, or you can send a drawing, photo, Picrew, Sims creation, or other visual reference. You can even point out features you like about drawings that are already on the website!

If you want to be surprised, you can simply give me a few details you want me to include, and leave the rest of the design up to me. For example, you could simply state you want your avatar to have blue hair, demon horns, and four arms, and I’ll figure out how to incorporate those details into a comprehensive design. 

Your avatar cannot be an existing character from a game, show, comic, etc, unless you are the original author of that content (and can prove it).

I will reject any designs that are based on harmful or offensive stereotypes.


I will also be accepting commissions through Ko-fi, which will also look like the art that’s currently on the blog. 

A commission will run $10, and they don’t require any prior donations or memberships.

Unlike the avatar available in the $15 tier, this commission will never be put in articles nor in the gallery on the AllWriteAlright website.

However, commissions can be of you, your characters, or characters from other shows, movies, games, comics, etc. 

I will reject any designs that are based on harmful or offensive stereotypes.

I will not draw NSFW.

Why Did I Create a Ko-fi Page?

Writers often need help writing about difficult topics, such as death, injury, illegal substances, and mental health conditions. The goal of AllWriteAlright has always been to help writers become the best they can be, even if that means addressing some more uncomfortable topics. 

As you can imagine, however, advertisers aren’t exactly thrilled to display their brand next to content like that. I’ve tried for a long time to monetize the site with ads, but doing so severely restricts the kinds of content that I’m able to provide. I receive requests almost daily to write more articles about injuries, substances, and other taboo topics, because they’re hard to write. Yet I can’t help these writers without getting penalized by my advertising partners. 

Writing for this blog is my full-time job, but I do not want advertisers to dangle profits above my head to control what I can and cannot post. You all deserve better than that. 

I know that I may make less money by removing ads from my site and switching to a donation-based model, but I do not care. Ads have been wreaking havoc on my site speed and layout for the better part of a year, and I’m tired of it. I want to be able to provide the best experience possible for my readers, and to have a site that I can be genuinely proud of. 

Thank you all for being part of this wild, wonderful ride. I can’t wait to see what comes next. 

As always, write on!