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What is a Prologue, and How is it Used?

Prologues are at the center of a lot of debate in the writing world. Many people claim that prologues should never be used under any circumstances, while others are proponents for using prologues to create a unique opening to their story. It is one of the most divisive debates in the creative writing sphere, but…[…]

A Guide to Self-Editing Your Writing

If you’re like most new writers, getting a professional editor to edit your story isn’t going to be feasible. If you write as a hobby, it won’t make sense to spend money getting your work professionally edited, and if you’re short on cash, it might be downright impossible. Editing services are not a luxury that[…]

Dialogue Writing Prompts to Spark Your Next Story

If you’re struggling with writer’s block, or you’re just feeling uninspired, there’s no better way to get writing again than with writing prompts! Dialogue writing prompts are some of my favorites to use when I’m out of ideas because they allow for much more creativity than most other writing prompts. Instead of getting a full[…]

How to Create Compelling Character Backstories

Creating backstories for your characters can be overwhelming—especially if you have more than a few main characters in your story! There are many elements to consider, and it can be difficult to know where to start. Lucky for you, I’ve outlined the things you’ll need to know to make compelling character backstories from start to[…]

How to Describe Facial Expressions in Writing

When writing about facial expressions, most writers are content to keep it simple. Why put more effort into describing a character’s expression when “he frowned angrily” gets the point across? Well, since you made it to this article, you probably aren’t like other writers. You know that keeping things vague and simple or including overused[…]

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