How to Write a Flashback in Your Story

Flashbacks are a common tool used by writers to give some context to the story they’re writing. It’s so common, in fact, that readers are accustomed to regularly getting glimpses of characters’ pasts, historical insights, and events that lead up to the beginning of the story. Not every story uses flashbacks; really, not every story[…]

What is a Prologue, and How is it Used?

Prologues are at the center of a lot of debate in the writing world. Many people claim that prologues should never be used under any circumstances, while others are proponents for using prologues to create a unique opening to their story. It is one of the most divisive debates in the creative writing sphere, but…[…]

A Guide to Self-Editing Your Writing

If you’re like most new writers, getting a professional editor to edit your story isn’t going to be feasible. If you write as a hobby, it won’t make sense to spend money getting your work professionally edited, and if you’re short on cash, it might be downright impossible. Editing services are not a luxury that[…]

The 10 Best Ways to Research for a Story

If you’re writing a story, then you’ve probably encountered this common problem before: you’ve gotten to a point in the narrative where you need to write about something you’ve never seen, experienced, or learned before. Maybe your characters venture to a part of the world you’ve never been, or they have extensive knowledge about something[…]

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