Writing About Dreams and Nightmares

Dreams and nightmares can play a large part in people’s lives, but because of their unstructured and confusing nature, it can be difficult to include them in a story. To make it even more difficult, the majority of a dream is forgotten within the first few minutes after waking up! How are you supposed to[…]

Boo! Writing Surprised Characters

You’ve reached the most important part of your story, where the main character learns something that could change the fate of the world forever. This is a huge moment—but when you try to write the character’s reaction, it comes off as stale and unremarkable. Many writers struggle with conveying strong emotions, but conveying surprise well[…]

When and How to Write a Character Waking Up

Writing about a character waking up can be a challenge, especially since waking up is something we do in a semiconscious state. It can be tough to pinpoint exactly how it feels, and that makes it difficult to write convincingly. In addition to that, writers seem split on when to start a scene with a[…]

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